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Warburton Open House

November 26, 2015 Simon 0

This is a garden that I would have almost surely missed as I hadn’t planned to be in Melbourne for a few more weeks. Unfortunately my Dad died (battling cancer) in late September and this […]

Stenocarpus sinuatus
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Stenocarpus sinuatus

November 24, 2015 Simon 0

Genus: Stenocarpus. species: sinuatus. Family: PROTEACEAE. Common Name: Queensland Fire Wheel Tree. Etymology: Stenocarpus: from the Greek word ‘stenos’ (narrow) and ‘karpos’ (fruit) referring to the shape of the seed capsules. sinuatus: which means wavy in reference to […]

Allamanda cathartica Roma St
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Allamanda cathartica

November 22, 2015 Simon 0

Genus: Allamanda. species: cathartica. Common name: Golden Trumpet Vine. Origin: South America. Description: An evergreen, shrubby climber. Vigorous growth to 4.5 metres. Foliage: Simple leaves, shape – oblanceolate to obovate. Arranged in whorls of 3 […]

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