Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Buckinghamia celsissima

January 20, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Buckinghamia. species: celsissima. Family: PROTEACEAE. Common Name: Ivory Curl Flower, Ivory Curl Tree, Spotted Silky Oak. Etymology: Buckinghamia: Described by Ferninand Von Mueller in honour of Richard Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham. celsissima: From the Latin word celsus meaning high and lofty. […]

Thymus vulgaris Thyme
Edible Plants (Common and Australian bushtucker)


January 13, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Thymus.  Species: vulgaris. Family: LAMIACEAE. Common Name: Thyme. Etymology: Thymus: From Greek word thymon meaning a fume or smoke rising in a cloud. Other interpretations suggest it came from Thymos meaning courage, or maybe from the Egyptian word […]

Jacaranda mimosifolia flowering
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Jacaranda mimosifolia

January 6, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Jacaranda. species: mimosifolia. Family: BIGNONIACEAE  Common Name: Jacaranda, Blue Jacaranda, Black poui and The fern tree. Etymology: Jacaranda: Latinised version of local Portuguese (Old Tupi) name for this tree ‘yacaranda’. mimosifolia: Leaves like that look like that of the Genus Mimosa. Origin: Brazil […]

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome'
Gardens (Botanic, Botanical and other places of interest).

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) ‘Flower Dome’

December 27, 2016 Simon 0

Welcome back to part two of our three part series on ‘Gardens by the Bay’. As I mentioned in the last post, it is basically hot and sunny or hot and humid (with maybe a […]

Quercus robur leaves
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Quercus robur

December 20, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Quercus. species: robur. Family: FAGACEAE. Common Name: Common Oak, English Oak, Pedunculate Oak. Etymology: Quercus: Latin for Oak. robur: is Latin for strength, referring to hard wood. Origin: Europe.  Description: Long living (600-700 years, records show trees as old as 1200 […]

Graffiti and plants
A Green Mindset (ideas for our future).

Richmond alley (Melbourne)

December 12, 2016 Simon 0

This really made me smile when we happened upon this little alleyway while walking back home from the shops the other day. I was totally impressed that someone has taken the time to turn this […]

Mullum Mullum Creek Trail Ringwood
A Green Mindset (ideas for our future).

Mullum Mullum

November 29, 2016 Simon 0

Thinking back to my very young days living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, I remember with fondness spending many hours at our local creek (‘Mullum Mullum Creek’ to be precise, Aboriginal for ‘Place of […]

Gardens by the Bay 'Outdoor area' (Singapore).
Gardens (Botanic, Botanical and other places of interest).

Gardens by the Bay ‘Outdoor area’ (Singapore).

November 22, 2016 Simon 0

Well, this was a day we had been looking forward to for some time and was probably the main reason for our trip to Singapore. We actually ended up visiting ‘Gardens by the Bay’ twice […]

Trifolium repens
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Trifolium repens

November 10, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Trifolium. species: repens Family: FABACEAE. Common Name: White Clover, Dutch Clover, White Trefoil, Ceeping Trifolium, Ladino clover and Honeysuckle Clover. Etymology:  Trifolium: Latin for three leafed plant, repens: Creeping, crawling. Forward: Trifolium repens is a plant that nearly everyone would recognize (mainly […]

Grevillea robusta flowers
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Grevillea robusta

November 4, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Grevillea. species: robusta. Family: PROTEACEAE. Common Name: Silky Oak, Southern Silky Oak and Australian Silver Oak. Etymology: Grevillea: Named after Charles F. Greville (1749–1809), Scottish horticulturalist, robusta: Feminine of robustus (robust or strong). Origin: Coastal gullies, forest and rainforests of NSW […]

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