Cinnamomum camphora. 1000 year old Camphor tree next to Fujisakidai Baseball Stadium Kumamoto
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Cinnamomum camphora

December 12, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Cinnamomum.   species: camphora. Family: LAURACEAE. Common Name: Camphor tree, Camphor laurel and Camphorwood. Etymology: Cinnamomum: from the Greek word kinnamomon meaning spice.    Origin: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Introduced to Australia in 1822 where it has […]

Cupaniopsis anacardioides. Tuckaroo.
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Cupaniopsis anacardioides

November 13, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Cupaniopsis.   species: anacardioides. Family: SAPINDACEAE. Common Name: Tuckeroo (named by Aboriginals), carrotwood, beach tamarind, Green-leaved tamarind. Etymology: Cupaniopsis: From Latin Cupania, referring to the close relationship of these Australian and New Caledonian species to Cupania. anacardioides: Resembling Anacardium. Origin: Mid New South […]

Acacia dealbata Silver wattle, blue wattle, mimosa
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Acacia dealbata

October 3, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Acacia.   species: dealbata. Family: FABACEAE. Common Name: Silver Wattle, Blue wattle, Mimosa. Etymology: Acacia: From the Greek word ‘akakia’ meaning thorny Egyptian tree. dealbata: Whitened. Origin: Native to New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. Naturalized in Adelaide, parts […]

Elaeocarpus angustifolius (grandis). Blue quandong
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Elaeocarpus angustifolius.

September 5, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Elaeocarpus. species: angustifolius. Junior Synonym: Elaeocarpus grandis. From a later description of the species by Ferdinand von Mueller. Family: ELAEOCARPACEAE. Common Name: Blue quandong, Blue fig (although not closely related to a fig) or Blue Marble […]

Platycerium bifurcatum. Elkhorn fern
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Platycerium bifurcatum

August 8, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Platycerium. species: bifurcatum. Family: POLYPODIACEAE.   Common Name: Elkhorn fern. Etymology: Platycerium: from the Greek word ‘platys’ meaning flat and ‘ceras’ meaning a horn (referring to leaf shape). bifurcatum: meaning fork in two branches (again refering to leaf shape). Origin: South eastern Australia […]

Drosera spatulata Sundew
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Drosera spatulata

July 21, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Drosera. species: spatulata. Family: DROSERACEAE. Common Name: Spoon-leaved Sundew. Etymology: Drosera: from the Greek word ‘droseros’ meaning dewy. spatulata: Latin for spatula shaped. Origin: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Micronesia and New Guinea. Description: Small insectivorous perennial herb with leaves arranged in a basal […]

Polyspora (Gordonia) axillaris
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Polyspora axillaris

June 30, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Polyspora (formally Gordonia). species: axillaris.  Family: THEACEAE.  Common Name: Fried Egg Plant, Gordonia. Etymology: Gordonia commemorating James Gordon, an eighteenth-century London nurseryman. Polyspora: species from East Asia were transferred to this new Genus. axillaris: meaning borne in the axil, referring to […]

Brachychiton rupestris. Queensland Bottle tree
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Brachychiton rupestris

June 8, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Brachychiton.   species: rupestris. Family: MALVACEAE. Common Name: Queensland Bottle tree, Narrow Leafed Bottle Tree, Queensland-Flaschenbaum or Kurrajong. Etymology: Brachychiton: Greek ‘brachys’ means short and ‘chiton’ means a coat or tunic, a reference to the coating on the seed. rupestris: […]

Ficus macrophylla. Morton Bay Fig.
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Ficus macrophylla

May 26, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Ficus.  species: macrophylla. Family: MORACEAE. Common Name: Morton Bay Fig, Australian Banyan. Etymology: Ficus: Latin meaning fig tree. macrophylla: with large leaves. Origin: Naturally occurring from Illawarra region of NSW to Far North Queensland, Australia and Lord Howe Island.   Description: Huge banyan tree usually […]

Eucalyptus sideroxylon, Red Ironbark, Mugga Ironbark
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Eucalyptus sideroxylon

May 2, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Eucalyptus. species: sideroxylon. Family: MYRTACEAE Common Name: Red Ironbark, Mugga Ironbark, Mugga.  Etymology: Eucalyptus: Named in 1788 by French botanist Charles Louis L’héritier de Brutelle from Greek eu ‘well’ and kalyptos ‘covered’ referring to the covering on the bud.  sideroxylon: from the Greek words […]

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