Schinus molle Peppercorn tree
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Schinus molle

May 31, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Schinus. species: molle. Family: Anacardiaceae. Common Name: Peppercorn tree, Peruvian pepper, American pepper, Peruvian peppertree, Escobilla, False pepper, Molle del Peru, Pepper tree, Californian pepper tree, Pirul and Peruvian mastic. Etymology: Schinus: from the Greek name for the mastic tree shinos, (Pistacia […]

Overland track final day
Bushwalking & Camping (National Parks & areas of natural beauty).

Overland Track (Tasmania) Final Day

May 24, 2016 Simon 0

Today would be the final leg of our journey. As mentioned in day fives journal, the option was to A: be soft cocks and take the Ferry back to Cythia Bay (The ferry was leaving Narcissus […]

Pachypodium lamerei. Madagascar Palm.
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Pachypodium lamerei

May 17, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Pachypodium.  species:  lamerei. Family: APOCYNACEAE  Common Name: Madagascar Palm. Etymology: Pachypodium: Latin form from Greek pachus (thick) and podion (foot), thick-footed. Origin: Madagascar. Description: Slow growing semi- deciduous to deciduous subtropical succulent to 6m tall outdoors. 1.2-1.8m indoors. Resembles a combination of a […]

Contrasting tree colours
Bushwalking & Camping (National Parks & areas of natural beauty).

Overland Track (Tasmania) Day 5

May 10, 2016 Simon 0

We woke up to bodies everywhere, the morning was sleeting rain, very cold with a small but biting wind. There were people everywhere doing things, eating, cleaning teeth, drying clothes, getting prepped for walking, bandaging […]

Edible Plants (Common and Australian bushtucker)


May 2, 2016 Simon 0

Genus: Solanum.  Family: SOLANACEAE. Common Name: Tomato. Etymology: Latin ‘Nightshade’. History: It is believed that the original tomato was native to Peru, in western South America, as its history can be traced back to the Aztecs […]