Singapore Bus Tour
A Green Mindset (ideas for our future).

A bus trip around Singapore City.

January 26, 2017 Simon 2

  Well here we are on another edition of  ‘My Walkabout Plants’. In today’s story I will show you a few snap shots that we took during our bus tour and trip to the airport. […]

Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Buckinghamia celsissima

January 20, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Buckinghamia. species: celsissima. Family: PROTEACEAE. Common Name: Ivory Curl Flower, Ivory Curl Tree, Spotted Silky Oak. Etymology: Buckinghamia: Described by Ferninand Von Mueller in honour of Richard Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham. celsissima: From the Latin word celsus meaning high and lofty. […]

Thymus vulgaris Thyme
Edible Plants (Common and Australian bushtucker)


January 13, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Thymus.  Species: vulgaris. Family: LAMIACEAE. Common Name: Thyme. Etymology: Thymus: From Greek word thymon meaning a fume or smoke rising in a cloud. Other interpretations suggest it came from Thymos meaning courage, or maybe from the Egyptian word […]

Jacaranda mimosifolia flowering
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Jacaranda mimosifolia

January 6, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Jacaranda. species: mimosifolia. Family: BIGNONIACEAE  Common Name: Jacaranda, Blue Jacaranda, Black poui and The fern tree. Etymology: Jacaranda: Latinised version of local Portuguese (Old Tupi) name for this tree ‘yacaranda’. mimosifolia: Leaves like that look like that of the Genus Mimosa. Origin: Brazil […]