Cyrtostachys renda Lipstick Palm
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Cyrtostachys renda

February 17, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Cyrtostachys. species: renda. Family: ARECACEAE. Common Name: Lipstick palm, Red sealing wax palm, Rajah wax palm, Maharajah palm, Sealing-wax palm, Sumatra wax palm and Red candle-wax palm.  Etymology: Cyrtostachys: from Greek ‘cyrto’ meaning bent or curved and […]

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest Waterfall
Gardens (Botanic, Botanical and other places of interest).

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) ‘Cloud Forest’

February 10, 2017 Simon 0

Hello and welcome back to the final edition of this 3 part series on ‘Gardens by the Bay’ Singapore. This last entry is about the fabulous ‘Cloud Forest’ which is basically straight across the foyer […]

Ficus lyrata Fiddle leaf fig
Plant Identification (A to Z of plants)

Ficus lyrata

February 4, 2017 Simon 0

Genus: Ficus. Subgenus: Urostigma. species: lyrata. Family: MORACEAE. Common Name: Fiddle-leaf fig, Banjo fig. Etymology: Ficus: Latin meaning fig tree. lyrata: referring to the shape similar to a lyre (musical instrument of ancient Greece). Origin: Naturally occurring in Western Africa from Cameroon […]