Warburton Open House

Australian native Garden backyard water feature
Warburton open house
Warburton mountain view
Mountain view

Wood pileThis is a garden that I would have almost surely missed as I hadn’t planned to be in Melbourne for a few more weeks. Unfortunately my Dad died (battling cancer) in late September and this was a garden that Mum and Dad had planned to visit, instead it ended up being Mum and myself. Dad would have surely loved it. I’m sure he was shining on us because you couldn’t have asked for a better day for that time of year.
The garden is a project that has taken the owner roughly 3 years to complete and was once the Warburton Masonic Hall. The rear yard which is all the garden photos in this album was once a car park. The back of the block itself slopes down to a creek but has been raised flat using sleepers at the rear of property. There is a small path leading down to the creek which has been restored to its natural beauty by the removal of weeds that had once infested it. Other neighbors are apparently getting on board to clear the creek of weeds in their properties as well. I think it is brilliant that one person can help inspire all those around.

Australian native garden
Warburton open house

Sleeper path
Pond back yard
The garden itself, although looks massive, is a suburban block, it does, however, have the advantage of the mountain backdrop. The landscaping is series of sleeper pathways, gravel, river rocks and stone, bark, and interconnected ponds. The garden itself is basically native. I was very impressed with the amount of frogs and tadpoles that were in the ponds, apparently they moved in almost immediately showing how quickly nature appreciates a helping hand. Australian native garden
Australian native garden
Australian native garden

Australian native garden
The owner of this property not only opened up his garden for all to see but his home as well. I have also attached some photos of the inside as it was also quite interesting.Wood pile art

IMG_0261 (Large)

IMG_0275 (Large)
IMG_0278 (Large)

Barn door
This is my very first post regarding places I have visited. The site is in its infancy. I will be adding much more over the coming months including the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria and Overland track Tasmania which I recently visited, plus a series of Botanical Gardens. I hope to make this site very interesting, and sometimes funny for people who enjoy nature and plants and appreciate any appropriate feedback and questions. See you next time.

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