Hardenbergia violacea

Hardenbergia violacea.

Hardenbergia  violacea.  Mullum Mullum Creek

Hardenbergia violaceaGenus: Hardenbergia. 

species: violacea.  


Common Name: False Sarsparella, Native Lilac, Purple Coral Pea, Happy Wanderer.

Etymology: Hardenbergia: named after 19th century Austrian patron of botany Franziska Countess von Hardenberg. violacea: Latin for violet.  

Origin: North eastern Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Description: Climbing shrub to 2m. 

Foliage: Alternate leaves 3-10mm long by 1-6cm wide, narrow ovate to lanceolate, glossy green above and paler below.

Flowers: Violet, pea shaped flower (1cm long) with a pair of yellow spots on the notched petal, arranged in terminal racemes with up to 30 flowers, flowering late winter to spring.

Fruit: Flat, oblong, brown pods with 6-8 seeds, 2-5cm long and 8mm wide (seeds naturally disbursed by ants).

Growth Requirements: Grows best in full sun to part shade in neutral to slightly acid, moist, well drained soil.

Uses: Ground cover, Australian native gardens, cottage gardens, bee attracting, butterfly attracting.

Propagation: By seed or by firm, current seasons growth. Seeds remain viable for many years but must be pre-treated by abrasion or boiling water to break dormancy.

Hardenbergia violacea


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