Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) ‘Flower Dome’

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome'

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome'

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' statuesWelcome back to part two of our three part series on ‘Gardens by the Bay’. As I mentioned in the last post, it is basically hot and sunny or hot and humid (with maybe a torrential downpour) in Singapore all of the time. This along with the fact that we were just about to enter what is essentially a giant glasshouse and we were imagining a very unpleasant environment inside the ‘Flower Dome’, despite being told otherwise. Imagine our surprise when we walked through the door receiving an almost icy blast (well, probably more of a temperate blast but dry and way different to outside). It was so cool in fact that I almost went searching for my jumper (which incidentally I didn’t bring on this holiday). This cool environment is produced by cleaver technologies and glass panels that aren’t what they seem (more about this in my ‘Green Mindset’ section).
Unlike the outdoor area of the garden that is open 21 hours of the day the ‘Flower Garden’ is only open a modest 12 hours (9am-9pm). The actual indoor temperature ranges from  23°C to 25°C, this along with its lower humidity allows plants to grow that would not have a chance in Singapore’s natural environment. The glasshouse is the largest in the world (covering 1.2 hectares) and features flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions of the world. It is broken up into 9 main areas that we visited as follows:-

The Australian Garden_______________________________________________________________

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Australian section

No, we didn’t come here first because it reminded us of home but because it is the first thing you see when entering the garden. The Australian section has many plants mainly from Southern and Western Australia.

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Paper Daisy Xerochrysum spp
Paper Daisy Xerochrysum spp
Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Wooly Bush Adenanthos sericeus
Wooly Bush Adenanthos sericeus








The African Garden _________________________________________________________________

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' African section

We visited the South African plant section next. Although the fauna of South Africa is rather different from that of Australia I have always found the flora remarkably similar, a bit like the difference between ‘The Sunrise Show’ on channel 7 and ‘The Today Show’ on channel 9, subtle. This can obviously be contributed to the continents being joined at one time and the similar temperature and landscape.Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' African sectionGardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' African section






The Olive Grove____________________________________________________________________

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Olive Grove

Not only features olive trees but figs, grapes pomegranates and other crops related to the Mediterranean. One of the big features of the Olive Grove is a 1000 year old Olive tree that I managed not to get a clear picture of, anyway you get the idea. The trees were moved from Spain where the area was about to be redeveloped.

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Olive GroveGardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Olive Grove








Mediterranean Garden_______________________________________________________________

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' Mediterranean garden

A little staircase near the Olive Grove takes you up to the Californian Garden that represents plants from the Chaparral in the Californian Mediterranean region.

South American Garden______________________________________________________________

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore) 'Flower Dome' South American garden

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