Richmond alley (Melbourne)

Graffiti and plants

Richmond Alley Graffiti and plants

Alley Graffiti and plants Graffiti and plants This really made me smile when we happened upon this little alleyway while walking back home from the shops the other day. I was totally impressed that someone has taken the time to turn this glum little alley into a work of living art. The graffiti made it even more interesting and is typical Melbourne inner city. The plants used in this design were a white and purple Viola, the good old indestructible Geranium and the even more indestructible ‘Boston Ivy’ Parthenocissus tricuspidata. While the other plants are non invasive the Boston Ivy will need to be trained and pruned to keep it looking good and in check. It is an ivy that will change colour in autumn from green to yellow to red so should be amazing at different times of the year. I will be back in Melbourne for the ‘Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show’ in April so will take some more photos then and pin them to the bottom of this article. I have taken these photos in late November and the plants are growing, literally, between a rock and a hard place. This most simple but brilliant idea is a classic example of someone with a ‘Green Mindset’.

Graffiti and plants



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