Leucophyta brownii

Leucophyta brownii
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Leucophyta brownii Cushion Bush

Genus: Leucophyta.Leucophyta brownii Cushion Bush

species: brownii.


Common Name: Cushion Bush.

Etymology: Leuco (meaning grey white) phyto (meaning plant). Brownii named after 18-19th century botanist Robert Brown.

Origin: South coast of Australian mainland, Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island.

Description: Perennial evergreen low growing shrub to 1m. Bun shaped. Tangled tomentose branchlets  give it a silvery appearance. It is actually a member of the daisy family.

Foliage:  Scale-like leaves coated in soft white hairs that look like stems make plant appear leafless.

Bark: Woody.

Flowers: White to yellow globular heads flowering December to February.

Fruit: Brown, cypsela.

Growth Requirements: Well drained soils with moderate fertility. Full sun to part shade, extremely hardy to wind, drought, frost and salt spray. Will not tolerate being waterlogged and grows poorly in high humidity, so not suited to sub-tropical or tropical areas.

Uses: Native gardens, foliage and colour contrast plant. Dry, windy and ocean exposed areas. Potted plants.

Maintenance: Virtually zero maintenance required. Little watering and no fertilizing.

Propagation: Propagates very easily from seed, will germinate 10-30 days after planting with no pre-sowing requirements necessary. Also from cuttings which should be taken from semi-hardened wood.

Leucophyta brownii Cushion Bush Growing in natural environment 'Great Ocean Rd'.
Growing in natural environment ‘Great Ocean Road’.
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