Gold Coast Hinterland MacDonald Rainforest Circuit

The Gold Coast is a very popular tourist destination for people who like to visit it’s many splendid beaches, hotels, shopping and theme parks. There is, however, another world just a short distance away that isn’t as well known; the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Hinterland is only a short drive inland from the Gold Coast and is full of world heritage forests where you are literally spoiled for choice for bushwalking. The different walks take you through these ancient eroding, volcanic landscapes where you will be witness to magnificent sub-tropical rainforests, eucalyptus escarpments, mountain tops and hundreds of spectacular waterfalls (just to name a few). There is also numerous convenient and cheap camping for those who would like to spend more than just one day exploring this multitude. This series will take you through many of these walks as we go Walkabout plants, hope you enjoy.